12.9.2017 / Short of The Week & Vimeo Staff Pick

At some point, every artist must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice to achieve success.

It’s been just 15 months since musicians Jesse and David started performing as a duo, and they’re already selling out shows and courting major record labels eager to release their first full-length album. Their dreams are within reach.

But on the night of their first major label showcase since their meteoric rise began, pent up frustrations and disagreements about their career trajectory are brought into the open, threatening to unravel everything they’ve worked for. Jessie and David have a long, successful career ahead of—but is it worth the cost?

The Heights, Ryan’s first narrative short,  serves as a proof of concept for a feature film written by Ryan, Dan Steele, and Bradley Jackson set to go into production in 2018.


1.25.2017 / Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere & Short of the Week

With 41 full-ride Division I scholarship offers, Brandon Jones is one of the most heavily recruited high school football players in the country. But beneath the stats, the college offers, and the very real possibility of achieving his dreams of playing in the NFL, he’s just a kid. And he’s facing the biggest decision of his life.

Five Star is a proof of concept for a documentary series that Hank & Booth is currently developing.